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Lenore's Lectures

Fusing/Fabric Painting to Create an Art Quilt

In this lecture I will talk about how I have evolved from other art media to using my own fusing technique with fabric paint to create art quilts with depth and color from photographs I have taken in her travels. I will tell how I create a piece from beginning to end and give secrets I have learned on how to make your design a winner. I have won prizes with this new style of art quilting such as the Best Wall Quilt at the 2007 AQS Nashville Show and the 2011 Moda Best Wall Quilt at the AQS Show in Paducah for “Port of Cassis” now residing at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.

Award-winning Techniques for Fusing Fabrics

In this lecture I show how I have progressed from creating art with many different mediums to using 2” squares to create impressionistic fabric art.  After many years using this technique I changed my style from squares to fusing and fabric painting and have won many different awards for my work.  I will show you how I create an art quilt from my photos and what elements can make an art quilt a winner.  I have won many prizes over the years including Moda Best Wall Quilt at the 2011 AQS Show in Paducah, KY, and Outstanding Art Quilt at Road to California 2014.

Lenore's Workshops

Fusing and Fabric Painting to Create Realistic Fabric Art

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Three-hour Workshop

In this lecture/demo my fusing technique will be shown through lecture slides and demonstration. I will demonstrate how to create a small fused project working from a photo transferred to freezer paper and then muslin. My fusing technique using Misty Fuse™ will be shown along with my fabric painting on the finished design which adds depth and detail to the piece. I then finish the piece with batting and backing and free-motion sewing changing threads constantly to add even more depth to the finished piece.  No kit fee.  Unlimited attendance.


One-day/Six-hour Workshop or Two-day/Six-hours Each Day Workshops

In this workshop, we will begin to design a small fused project. We will work from one of my patterns shown on the Patterns page of this website: Yellow Poppies, Red Poppies, Yellow Cone Flower, Cone Flower or Rose, since these are the least complex patterns for beginners. It will be outlined on freezer paper and then transferred to a background fabric on which the design will be fused. No sewing will be done during the workshop—only the designing and fusing. You will learn how to make your own patterns from your own photos focusing on value for depth and texture.  I will also demonstrate how to add fabric painting to your design to add detail and depth; students will do painting on their own designs in the two-day workshops. Click here for the Supplies List for this workshop. A $15 supplies fee includes my patterns plus other supplies I provide. For fabric requirements for the patterns for this class, click here. For the pattern you choose, select your fabric beforehand and bring it to class!




Multiple Days/Six-hour Workshop

In workshops of three to five days, students will create their own designs from their own photos. Students can also choose to use one of my more complex patterns if they don't have their own photos to work from. Class discussion will cover  design aspects such as detail and depth. Larger projects can be created, depending on the length of the class. See Supplies List for suggestions. Students will learn my fusing technique using a freezer paper pattern and Misty Fuse fusible web. The design will be fused onto muslin. I will then demonstrate my fabric painting technique and help students paint their own designs. The students can then assemble their art quilts and begin top-stitching, if time allows. Thread and stitching add another design element to the piece. We will discuss finishing techniques as well. Each student will leave with a beautiful finished art quilt, and will have learned a practical and exciting new method to create fabric art. Click here for the supplies list for this workshop. You will also find instruction at the bottom of the Supplies List page on how to print out large format photos on your own computer and printer. If you are having a problem printing out your own photo, please contact me; I will print it out and bring it to class for you! A $10 supplies fee is required.


Mini Blended Fabric Art Collages

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Three-hour or One-day/Six-hour Workshops

Using tiny pieces of fabric about ½” each students will create blended fabric collages to take home and frame.  Designing will focus on value to create depth and texture.  Fabric paints are used to enhance trees.  Finished size of projects are 4.5" X 6.5" and are glued to an 8" X 10" mat board to be framed later by the student.  A $15 supplies fee required.  Class attendance is limited to 25 people
or up to 30 per the contract.


Create Your Flower from a Photo Workshop

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Two-days Only/Six-hours Each Day Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn how to make their own pattern from a photo and create a fused, detailed flower. We will work from an 8” x 10” or 11” x 14” of your own photo or my freezer paper pattern, and then using my simple fusing technique, design your flower from your own fabrics. I will show you how to choose your fabrics, add detail to your flower using your photo as a reference and fabric paint, and finish your art quilt with my simple binding technique. A $10 supplies fee required. This is a design class only; no sewing will be done in class. The class attendance is limited to 25 people or up to 30 per the contract.


Shredded Fabric Art Quilts

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One-day/Six-hour Workshop

In this workshop students will learn to create their own shredded fabric impressionistic art quilt, using a technique originated by Noriko Endo. Fabrics are shredded in class and used to design a scene. Then the design is covered in tulle and top-stitched using free-motion sewing. We will also cover finishing techniques, such as binding the piece and hanging methods. I will also show how I use fabric paints to enhance these pieces even more where appropriate. Class size is limited to 25 to 30 people per the contract.  No supplies fee required.  Click here for the supplies list.



Please request a copy from me at lenorecrawford@charter.net. This document covers all fees relating to lectures and workshops, including travel expenses. I will come to your venue to teach a one-day or multiple-day workshop. I have taught all over the world, and my classes have been well received by students! See the Schedule page to locate current workshops, lectures, and art shows.


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